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My Rosebud is blooming even before fisting
My Rosebud is blooming even before fisting Photo: Martin Fist

About me


My name is Martin - a 35 years old gay man who adores gay fisting, pissing, leather & boots, smelly feet, rimming, and BDSM. I'm an open-minded sex pig. I like almost everything in sex, if it's kinky enough. My main position is bottom but I also top sometimes.

Dress code:  Leather & Boots

My rosebud after punching
My rosebud after punching
My huge gaping hole during a gay fisting session
I'm proud of my ruined hole.
The feeling of being wide open and gaping is amazing.


I like and practice regularly: 
(the order is from most common to rarest)

  1. Fisting
  2. Dildo play
  3. Pissing
  4. Prolapses
  5. Rosebud rimming
  6. Double anal fucking
  7. Blowjobs with cum eating
  8. Bareback fucking
  9. Spitting
  10. Foot worshiping (I like smelly feet a lot)
  11. BDSM - nipple and ball torture, spanking, flogging, wax play, cock sounding.

I dislike: bloody games, scat, kisses and vanilla sex. If it's not rough and kinky, it's not for me.

My status is HIV negative. Encounters with HIV positives don't bother me at all.

If you have a question, just send me a message: