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A photo of a rosebud caused by practicing gay fisting
Stretch your hole and it will thank you with a rosebud

Rosebud and anal prolapse

If you are into anal fisting, you have surely noticed the beautiful red holes of advanced fisters. We call it a rosebud, doctors call it prolapse. Lately, rosebuds are quite a modern thing and their popularity has brought a lot of hatred to men who have rosebuds. Some people speak with extreme disgust about anyone who is different and has different ideas about normalcy, beauty and aesthetics. 
I will say something to these people - I do not care about your opinion. I love prolapses and nothing can change that. I love them big, small, I like to lick and suck them. And no, I don't feel like a freak. My choice is what to like and I am not interested in the opinions of boring people who will never enjoy the full potential that the human body gives.
I encounter such hatred, which is literally poured on anyone who said he wanted to turn his ass into a rosebud. If you are that guy - do not worry, there are many people who share your interest and find the game with prolapses erotic, sexual and intimate.
Now, let me tell you some facts.

Is there a difference between a rosebud and a prolapse?


In fact, there is no difference. In any case, it is the ability of a person to push part / or the whole / rectum out of his body. Doctors define it as a serious medical condition, but it is a hysteria of ignorance. I will give you a concrete example. Some time ago, HungerFF had his first colonoscopy, I remember he even uploaded a video of it to his account. Then he shared:
To all my haters who say fisting is dangerous and problematic and I’ll be dead soon or incontinent, my colonoscopy just proved my insides are 200% normal/healthy with no structural damage or pathology. So you can all suck my prolapse and I’ll keep swallowing arms with a smile.
If I have to look for any difference between a rosebud and a prolapse - it is in size. The rosebud is the small version of the prolapse. If you practice fisting, it forms naturally as the anus becomes larger and wide, which makes it possible to see what is inside.
HungerFF pushing his rosebud out of his ass
Photo: HungerFF.Com - Hunger pushes his prolapse out of his tasty ass.
The prolapse is greater. It is obtained by regular practice of deep and double fisting. Then, a person becomes able to push part of his insides out of his hole. Again, HungerFF is an emblematic example of this. I highly recommend visiting his site HungerFF.Com to see how this great man is having fun with his prolapse.

Is it true that once it occurs, the prolapse never disappears?

This is a complete delusion. No, that's not true. I know many people who are able to push the entire rectum out of their body, but this only happens during fisting. I have not seen anyone walking the streets with prolapse.

The main question - I want to turn my hole into a rose. How to do it?

This is a slow process and you should not be obsessed with the idea that you must have a rosebud. It will definitely appear as a natural result of your dildo play and fisting sessions. If you practice more punching, as well as deep and double fisting, you will definitely get an amazing rosebud that will make you the star of every session.

To summarize - play with your ass regularly and it will reward you with a rosebud. Rosebud pumping cylinders have also become popular lately, but I prefer everything to happen naturally. However, if you want to see what an inflated rosebud looks like, I'm attaching a picture of Wrex Wylde, who practices triple fisting and pumps his hole every day.

This is the end of this article. I would like to ask you: Do you have a rosebud and what you do to keep it in good shape?